Monday, February 10, 2014

Big changes

So, most people that know me, know that there were some big changes in 2013. Big, and busy changes! 2013 was the year that Katie and I got married, and also the year we decided to bail on the East Coast and move out to Colorado. We are living in Lakewood, CO and absolutely loving it.

Surprisingly, it hasn't been a very easy transition. The physical move was easy enough, and our sight-unseen apartment that we signed a lease on turned out to be awesome and in a truly great location. That part could've been a disaster. But we've each had our bumps in the road with work, and trying to figure out how things are done professionally here in Colorado. Luckily, we are both fairly easy-going and we've figured it out.

Running-wise, Colorado has definitely lived up to its reputation. Since we've moved here, I've hit several of the 14ers but look forward to getting up high the rest of this year. The apartment we're living in, is within 1.5 miles from a great trail system on the local hill in Lakewood, Green Mountain. I've also met a couple of local runners, and we've started a Wednesday night group run that has showed me around to a ton of the other local trails.

This year, I've also decided to start keeping track of what I'm doing in training. I've only done this before in terms of mileage for product testing for Smartwool but now I'll be keeping track of a bunch of stats and I'm hoping it'll help to keep me more accountable and actually train specifically for races. I'm not sure I'll need to publish my weekly mileage and elevation, but I'll definitely be keeping track myself. So far, I'm signed up for the Salida Marathon, Quad Rock 50 miler, and Bighorn 100. I'd also like to run a race later in the year but haven't decided which one yet.

This is the first post I've written in quite a while, and while I'd like to think that it'll be a more common thing in the coming year, I'm not sure I can say that with certainty. I'll try though...