Monday, January 16, 2012

Believers or not (a shameless plug)

So, if you've talked to me in the past 3 years about running or what I run in, Smartwool has come up in the conversation. I am a shameless addict, and now formally a "Smartwool Ambassador." They were one of two companies to respond to letters I wrote to companies when looking for sponsors for the cross country run, and signed me up as a tester immediately. I wrote to them initially because I love their socks. Katie got me my first pair as a Christmas gift several years ago, and they went right to my "must wear" list. True story, I actually have a "must wear" list.

I've had many experiences with Smartwool socks over my short running "career" if you want to call it that. Once, I didn't wash them so many days in a row they stood up on their own. Seriously gross to think about. Most of these experiences I totally forgot I was wearing the socks...but then again isn't that the goal of good sporting apparel? If you're thinking about what you're wearing, it's probably because a tag is stabbing the back of your neck like a colonial barber, or your shorts have somehow turned from soft nylon to sandpaper between your legs. Or, your shirt has somehow started shaving layers of skin from your nipples.

Or even the annoying bunching of socks around the toes, or maybe they don't stay up, or maybe they don't keep your feet dry...these are totally serious problems; that were solved by Smartwool.

My family, though very supportive of all my running, thought I was all hype about backing these socks to the point of sounding like a sock nerd. They thought this, until I bought my sister a couple pairs for Christmas this year. Now, she gets it.

My dad? Same story, except with skiing socks because he is a member of the Massanutten ski patrol.

Katie was having some trouble thinking of a Christmas gift for her mom. I knew she ran, so I suggested a pair or two. Two is all you really need since you don't have to wash them very often. Of course, she loved them.

This plug is almost over, don't worry.

They won't turn you into Geoff Roes, or Usain Bolt. (If you don't know who those people are, Google them. You'll wish you hadn't. Because normal people will never be that good.) But! They will keep you comfy for as many miles as you wish to run.

They fit perfectly in all the right places...if only they made running shorts...

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