Monday, April 1, 2013

More pics than words.

What a week. All last week I was battling a serious cold and so I didn't get much running done. I had initially planned on running the first 30 or so miles of the Massanutten course on Saturday because I'd never been on that part of the course before. Dave said he wanted to come out and leapfrog so he could get some miles in and provide a bit of aid. I don't really feel like writing about it. I had no energy since I was still a little sick (which I didn't really realize until I started running), but I did it, and took some pictures and by the end, I wasn't sick anymore. Here they are. 
Western Ridge of the Massanuttens 
The trail and leaning trees coming down from Short Mountain into Edinburg Gap

Vista in front of Woodstock Tower

Looking back toward the climb up Blue  

Feeling like a champ...or not. 

Top of some mountain. Maybe Signal Knob but I doubt it. 

The water was clear 
The End.

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