Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jan 14

Day 13 is dedicated to my darling sister, Bridget, simply because math is not fun. This joke was told to me by Matt Grundy, who made it up, yesterday and now I'm passing it to Bridget.

Q: If the military goes to boot camp, where do spies go?
A: Sneaker camp

Onto business. Today's total was 34 and the starting temp was 53 and hi of high 70's. Either way, it was toasty. I felt pretty good today. For some reason I decided to work in some speed work early in the day because I thought if I go the same speed every day I might forget to run fast. So I did some mile repeats, and some song pick-ups just to make things interesting.

Moat of today was very bland nothing-ness but the last 14 miles were on a dirt road that had me gasping for dust-free air. The wind was kicking up mini tornados and any car that drove by was putting me in a cloud. Luckily there were a total of 4 cars in that 14 miles.

News from Tybee Island (where I'm ending) is that they are stoked and there's going to be a party....actually a party is an understatement. But details will come later.

This was warning me of the dam. There was no water. None at all, if there was, I'd be in it. But you can see around the sign is nothing but sand, gravel and tumbleweeds. I thought it was ironic.

-- Patrick

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