Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So as Grindstone nears... 50 hours and 44 minutes to be exact... I'm curious about my toenails. After the 12 hour event, two of them were looking iffy. Black to be exact. I'm looking for people's opinions (preferably runners) about what I should do.

I've got two options that I can see. I can leave them there and risk needing to stop to fish them out of my socks at Grindstone, or I can take them off myself right now.

Also, GEER left me a bit more tattered than the previous week. (i.e. I'm still feeling it on my runs) I've decided to take tomorrow off, and of course Friday until around 6 pm. Then we start.

Adam Tremper will be coming out with me and I'll probably pick him up at around mile 70 or so. He just came back from his bike ride across America and he is stronger than ever. You want to see a pair of legs? That dude has tree trunks for legs. Just huge solid slabs of muscle. And as big as he is, he's fast. Really fast. I'll be stoked to pick him up.

It should be a good time.

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