Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Getting Close.....

I finally graduated. It was great, there was a party, and the ceremony wasn't too long, and my mom didn't cry! Good news, good food, no more school. Those of you who know me personally know how truly stoked I am on this.

The day counter on my phone has informed me that there are 18 days left until I depart Huntington Beach. I'm putting the last touches on my gear list, and will be mailing my jogger out to Califonia tomorrow so it gets there in time.

As well as gathering "stuff" for the trip, I've also been doing more interviews with newspapers, and even talked to the St. Francis middle school, where I used to go. All the publicity is really taking off, and people are getting very excited and very willing to help. It's great how helpful people are. A link to the Orange County Register Newspaper came out with the article today at this URL.

I'm sure there will be more posts as the day draws nearer.....


  1. Ok, now is the time Patrick to think about training for aDouble Ironman distance race as a gift to yourself for graduating - Congrat's!


  2. I will be following your blog as you run across the country. I am a mother of a JRA child. She has had it for ten years. I started running to deal with the heartache of having a child with JRA. Good luck and God bless. Cindy