Thursday, December 17, 2009

Western States entry and new article

Recently the Western States 100 lottery took place. I had signed up with the intention of not getting in and so it would count toward my "two-time-loss." If you lose twice, you get in the third year garunteed. Well, I got in this year. At first I was thinking, "Oh no. This was not the plan." Then I got super stoked that I got in! So I sent in my entry. ALSO, my good friend Dave got in, so it's good to know that my adventure to Squaw Valley, CA will not be unaccompanied. If anything, it'll be good to have someone to fly with.

This will be the farthest away I will have ever travelled for a race, and it will most likely be the first race I do after my run across America, assuming I finish that...

In other news, a new article came out today in the Huntington Beach Independant. Check it out.

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