Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Week or two after

I meant to update this before now but being away for 4 months means you have to catch up on a lot if stuff when you get back. I have been very busy finishing up things with the run, sending out resumes, looking for a job, catching up with old friends, and of course, running. Last Saturday I ran a race in Triangle, Va. It was called the 24 Hour Endurace trail run. The idea was to run around an 8 mile trail loop as many times as you could in 24 hours. The temp got up into the mid 90s and I had completely forgotten how to run on trails. I was falling all over the place. After 56 miles I called it a day it took 12 hours or so and I was done.

It was discouraging to have my first time back on trails be a race that I didn't do well in. But that's just the way it goes.

Running wise I'm doing better, running strong and getting out on trails as much as possible. All systems go for the Western States 100 mike run at the end of June.

Job wise, I had my first interview on Friday and I got the job! Stoked.

-- Patrick


  1. Congrats on the job! I hope you continue to blog, there are plenty of people who enjoy reading your adventures!

  2. AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for raising awareness for kids!!!! My daughter Bailey is now 5, diagnosed 3 yrs ago, surgery, etc,.....Methotrexate for 3 years & Remicade IV Treatments that she HATES!!!! The Uveitis has been her biggest battle - Yesterdays Eye Appt told us that the Cells are BACK - Again (4th time)!!! Such a horrible disease - It's so scarry to know your child can become blind from this disease! More people need to KNOW that this isn't your typical Arthritis!!!! Thanks for all you have done!!!!! Baileys Blog Page:

  3. Patrick, please don't be discouraged about running 56 miles in 90 degree weather. Remember, you just ran across the entire country!!!

  4. Good news about the job. The unemployment rate among the 16-24 year old group is the highest since the Great Depression!

    Thank you for raising awareness for juvenile arthritis.

    I am off to run the trails now. I run with our local pediatric rheumy, but we are only up to nine miles. I can't run on roads. I need the forest.