Sunday, April 25, 2010

I think I'll go home now.

Sorry about taking so long to get the posted.

Where do I start with the finish?

I guess I could start at the beginning. I had 18 miles to do. And it was in the mid 80s and lots of sun. A perfect day for running.

My brother started running with me and said he would run until he got tired and then have my dad pick him up. He did the whole 18 miles on a whim. Way to go Kevin!

As we got closer and closer to the ocean the mixture of salt from the air, humidity, and heat from the day was stifling. Kevin didn't wear Sunscreen and he now has blisters on his shoulders from the sunburn. Sore muscles, sore skin. I've got one tough brother.

The finish was huge. After the bridge getting onto the island, with 4.5 miles to go, I was joined by my friends Adam and Thomas, my brother was still running, and my sister Colleen. Later down the road my cousin, Chris, joined me after inhaling a burger. We had one police car in front of us and two in back.

Katie and a ton of my friends came drove down from Virginia for the finish.

There were more people lining the beach than I could count. I passed through the Fleet Feet arch two paper finish lines, several signs, and flags. Ahead of me was the Atlantic ocean. I was there. I was done.

I crossed the sand and tore off my shoes. Right next to the water's edge stood Katie and all of my friends. Those last few steps before the water were a blur. A combination of relief, and pure joy washed over me when I jumped into the Atlantic Ocean. Besides, it was awarm day so jumping in the water felt really good.

I came out of the water and people cheered. I hugged my parents, my friends, my family, Katie, everyone.

Later that evening there was a party at the restaurant, Fannie's. All the food was donated and we were on the third floor with a 180 degree view of the Atlantic Ocean. Tons of people came out to the party and we all had a great time.

As soon as I see some of the pictures I will post them.

There were three goals for this trip.
1) Finish
2) Raise Awareness
3) Raise $50,000

While I didn't accomplish the third, I'm not counting this as a failure. More people now know about JRA, we were able to raise $21,000, I was able to see the country in a way not too many people do, and I met people I would have never had the opportunity to meet. I am incredibly thankful for the last one.

I'll keep posting on this blog because it is a "running blog." I'll keep posting any stories or adventures I have as well as stories from the races I do. Besides, I have the 24 Hour Adventure trail run this Saturday.

I have decided this won't be my only long run. This was far too fun to never do something like this again. I don't know what is next, or when it will be, but this won't be the end. Now I need to find a job and go back to real life.

I hope to keep in touch with everyone I have met and everyone who has followed me.

Thank you.

-- Patrick


  1. THANK YOU, Patrick. I have had to watch my daughter suffer for over 10 years. Too many children suffer with this disease. Thank you, Cindy Price

  2. Patrick,
    On behalf of the Hoffmans in Oceanside, CA I congratulate you on a job well done, an entire chapter in the book of your life that will have few which compete with it over time. Many accomplishments will come in your life, but this one will stand alone. I was there for your send off and I wish I could have been there for the end. If you need help coming up with a greater adventure than this one...I have some ideas which I will share with you soon. When you decide to come back to the left coast to revisit those first few steps we would love to host you for as long as you would like. Our kids, as well as every employee in my office have been following your progress every day. You have ROCK STAR status here so come and enjoy the spoils...

    Congratulations again,
    I'm not worthy.
    Jay Hoffman

  3. Patrick, great ending, I appreciate your thoughts and your efforts. your words and your writing style is entertaining and engaging, you have painted a beautiful picture of our country these past few months, I hope you continue your blog.

    you have done such a wonderful thing, Thank you!

    Dennis Sullivan
    Buena Park, CA

  4. Patrick - sounds like a great finish. I am really glad to hear you were surrounded by so many friends and family to celebrate your accomplishment.

    Good luck in the future, I am sure you will do fine. I hope some day our paths will cross and I will be able to congratulate you in person. I live in Ohio so if you ever come up to do the Burning River 100 again let me know.

  5. On behalf of everyone at VCU Rec Sports, I just want to say WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!!!

  6. I want to congratulate you! I could't say THANK YOU enough!