Friday, April 16, 2010

Get ready to rumble

So far on this trip I think I've kept things pretty positive. No more. Today's post will be my list of complaints for this trip.

Número uno: Rumble strips

Número dos: refer to numero uno.

Okay now that we got the complaints out of the way, on with the day.

Rumble strips were the name of the game today. One loooong strip of wake-me-up for the drivers in Georgia. And one loooong piece of annoying-ness for myself and Dave.

In other news, when I started this trip way back in January the list of my "followers," as blogspot calls them (even though that sounds slightly cult-like to me), was at about 15. Now that I'm one week from the finish of this little skip across the United States, my follower number has jumped to 98. That's pretty cool, BUT wouldn't it be cooler if it were 100? Let's see if we can break 100 before Friday the 23. So tell your family, friends, guy collecting change outside the local 7-11, to follow this blog and let's break 100.

Also on the list of things to do in my last week before finishing:

So far, everyday of running has been to spread awareness of Juvenile Arthritis. This is no secret...I hope.

BUT since this is the last week, I will be mentioning kids names on the blog everyday. So if you want your kids names, or your names (whether you have arthritis or not) email me at and just put your name; first, last, both, or nickname in the subject line and I'll include it that day or the next day depending on when I get the email.

Little recap:
-Rumble strips- boooooo!!
-One more week to go
-Tell your friends to follow this blog
-Email me names to mention on the blog

7 days and counting
This is an active map of where I've been and where I am.

-- Patrick


  1. I had been lucky enough to find your blog back in January, thanks for the trip! I look forward to your arrival in Savannah!

  2. You already broke the 100 record