Thursday, April 8, 2010

The day I lost my mind.

First things first. Check out this website and post some love for arthritis research!

There is a guy on there, Phil Packer who is doing all he can for help out. He broke his spinal cord on duty and now is doing a marathon to raise money. Pretty ispiring stuff. Check it.

Today it rained. And in case you were looking for a nomination for the underestimation of the century, well, that was it. To say, "it rained" is like saying that Adam Sandler movies are "good." Let's face it, they are awesome.

I ran for 3 and a half hours. And 99% of that time was spent underwater. I probably would've stayed drier if I had put a treadmill in the shower and turned the nozzle to the insano fire hose pump your brains full of high quality h2o setting and gone for a little jog in there.

It was somewhere between Tuskegee and Marvyn that it happened. I was running up a hill and there was a river of ankle deep water going the opposite way that was covering my feet. In between coming up for air, the 6 foot high tsunamis that dump trucks, logging trucks and other various semis tossed my way, and the large caliber bullet-sized drops that so graciously allowed my view to not exceed 20 feet in front of the jogger, I started laughing.

It started out a creepy laugh, and turned into a great bellowing laugh that quite frankly, I didnt know I had in me. Amidst the water world that the day had become, the flashes of lightning and the stomach churning claps of thunder, I was having a blast. Physically, I felt great and was running smoothly and comfortably at a pace that far exceeded my norm. Mentally, it was the most fun I had in quite awhile. Should I have been outside holding a metal stroller during a thunder storm? Probably not, but don't tell my mom...

15 days...

-- Patrick


  1. Too Late... Mom knows!It took a long time for you to go crazy! I think you are there! Maybe you did get struck by lightening.
    Yo Momma

  2. Oh, Patrick. You are in trouble now. Yo Momma knows.

  3. Hey Patrick - you know what they say in the military....if it ain't rainin, we ain't training!!

    Keep up the great job.