Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today I ran to Savannah. I can smell the ocean. It felt strange to get there because I reached water. It's not the open ocean, but there is a huge port where giant ocean cruising ships are docked; so I know this channel goes directly to the ocean.

I thought I'd take this opprotunity to shamelessly plus the ol sponsors. The two companies that sponsored me for this trip were Gu and Smartwool. Both helped me accomplish this run.

Thanks to Gu, I haven't lost a single pound (which is a good thing), and my nutrition has been stable and my energy levels are still sky high. Maybe I'll turn north... Even crazier: I still like the taste of all of them!

Smartwool socks kept my feet warm and dry or cool and dry. They not only could be worn multiple days in a row, but they didn't smell. The big impressive thing about these socks is I have run 2,531 miles and I have every last one of my toenails. For the avid or ultra runners out there, you know how impressive this is.

Both companies took a big chance trusting a 21 year old guy who said he was going to run across the country. So thank you both!

Besides the obvious good part of getting to Savannah, I had a run-in with a snapping turtle. So I stopped and played with him.

-- Patrick


  1. LOL!!!! That snapping turtle video is awesome!!! I can read the headline now, "Man's cross country journey ends early in tragic snapping turtle accident!"


    I hope you enjoy your time in our beautiful city!

  2. Way to go Patrick. Nothing like the smell of the ocean. You have done a great job sticking with this. I have really enjoyed your posts and hope you keep us up to date with how things go after the run.

    To your sponsors, I am a fan of both products. I think Roctane has literally saved my life on more then one occasion and Smart Wool is the greatest invention ever. I agree with you it is amazing how long you can wear them and they don't smell. I will continue to patronize both companies partially due to thier support of your run.

  3. I love both products. I wear Smartwool socks every single day.

    Patrick, one more day! Thank you for helping the children. Cindy (Marian, 21, systemic jra)

  4. Well, after such an endorsement...I will be looking into Smartwool socks for my boys. Just thinking about the smell of the ocean makes me want to get in the car and drive....Blessings!

  5. Well, tomorrow is the day, Patrick.

    Probably by Sunday you will be antsy enough to want to go for a run. Don't run to California, Patrick. Just do a short loop around your neighborhood.