Monday, April 5, 2010

Busy. Busy.

Today started with a 26 mile run. That was just the start. I met up with the Crowes and Mrs. Ducker. They drove me to the YMCA where they let me take a shower and get un-smelly because it was toasty today and very humid, so I was sweating up a storm.

From there we went to Pine Level Elementary School. I spoke with 450 kids!!! They were great and asked some funny questions... "Do I use the bathroom?" That might have been my favorite.

From there we went to the mayors office. I was given a proclamation saying that today was Patrick McGlade Day. He said it meant that I could do whatever I wanted. Speed, rob a bank, or jaywalk. I wanted to take him up on the jaywalking offer but had no reason to cross the street.

The next and lat stop of the day was dinner at Ryan's. Luckily, it was a buffet. I enjoyed visiting with the families that came out for dinner.

Tomorrow is another VERY busy day.

18 days left.

-- Patrick


  1. Friday 9 April Patrick enters GA. See Route on

  2. The end is coming near, Patrick. Just think what you are close to accomplishing?