Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Run. Talk. Meet. See. Runn

Well, the title sums it up. Today started nice and early to squeeze in as many miles as I could before 10 am. I fit 17 in and then was picked up by Mrs. Hemphill, a local Arthritis Foundation worker and my host for last night and tonight.

First stop of the day was to meet the people over at the Montgomery baseball team, the Biscuits. I don't know about you, but I love that name. I didn't meet any players, but the people in the office were very nice and even gave me a shirt! Even better, it was a running shirt so I can wear it instead of sending it home! Woo hoo!

Next stop was at the local NBC station for a tv interview. A little girl, Meredith, joined me for the interview. She has arthritis, but that is not what gets your attention when you meet her. She is incredibly well spoken and intelligent. It's like talking to an adult in a pint sized person. I'm really glad she shared the stage with me because she was much more comfortable up there than I was. Be on the lookout for her someday when she has her own talk show. Maybe I'll be a guest...

Onward. We went to Chris' Hotdogs for lunch. This local eatery has been around since 1917. A gajilliom famous people have eaten there and I can see why. The dogs came fully slathered in slaw, cabbage, or saurkraut. I couldn't decide exactly what was on it but it also had a killer sauce. I had to eat it semi quickly because I worried if I ate too slowly the bun might get so soggy I'd need a spoon. Yea. It was THAT good.

We had some time in between engagements so we saw some of the local sights. We went to the capital, saw the Civil Rights museum, the church Martin Luther Kings preached at, and the Rosa Parks museum. We didn't go into the museums but we saw them, so it counts.

MLK's church

From there we went and met the mayor of Montgomery's assistant at city hall. He was very nice. I did two radio interviews after that.

I was wiped. So much talking and I still had 10 more miles to run. The rough part was that it was now 3:30 and the heat of the day had caught up with me. I'm not sure exactly how hot it was but Mrs. Hemphill's car said it was 92. Hottest day of the trip so far.

I finished out the miles and called it a day.

Tomorrow is another busy day and another toasty one as well.

I'm going to be keeping a counter of the days left from now on.
17 days left.

-- Patrick


  1. Woo-hoo!!!!!! Only 17 days left!

  2. good greif 92?!?! Missing that Texas snow I'll bet