Monday, April 19, 2010


I started this morning in slightly cooler weather. It wasn't long until I passed a very familiar road, which was strange considering I have never run across the country before. It was Route 1.
I know exactly where this road takes me. It takes me three miles from my house in Stafford. I have driven on Route 1 so many times and never gave it a second thought. In training for this run I ran from Richmond, VA to Stafford, VA all on Route 1. 70 miles overnight while pushing the baby jogger; I know the road well.

In the 40s, my grandpa Pete McGlade drove the entire length of route one. Not all of it, if any, was paved and he passed the exact spot I ran today. Just 60 some years apart. Let's just say it was hard not to turn north.

I ended today in Claxton, which by the way, is the fruitcake capital of the world. I was stoked! So I went into the store that said it baked the famous fruitcakes and bought one. The thing is, I don't like fruitcake....bummer.

Today I ran for Mackenzie Moore from Maine, all of the kids that go to CHAT (children have arthritis too) camps, Christine Citera, Macy Coad and Meredith Burtron.

3 days
-- Patrick


  1. great looking beard, if you comb out, as if you were trying to stretch the hairs, it makes it increasingly more scary! Try it!

    Familiar roads. that must be a good feeling. I'm excited for you, I'm sure that it going to be very difficult to run with that big lump in your throat as you approach the end of OUR run!

    Big thanks!!!

  2. I hate fruitcake too!!

    What a crazy route 1 experience. I bet you remember that for the rest of your life.

    Almost there!!

  3. Sorry to comment twice but I just noticed you cracked 100 followers.

    Way to go!!

  4. Thank you for running for Oregon. And come on up here to run. We have a beautiful state, and I might just get you to meet our famous runner up here, Alberto. (yes, he goes to our church and his daughter and my daughter were in the same class for 9 years)