Thursday, April 15, 2010

Water skiing in April

Since awhile back we pushed the finishing date back to the 23rd, I've had some off days to burn up. This was one of them. BUT it was only my second to last off day. My next and last one is Thursday the 22nd.

Today was great! The past two nights, Dave and I have stayed with the Collins family in Georgia.
We started off the day with going out on their boat and waterskiing. We had a blast!



Afterwards we came back to the house and relaxed for awhile. We had some time to kill so i started to mow the lawn...unfortunately the lawn mower decided it didnt want to finish so it quit working! Wierdest thing, but we couldn't get it to work.

When the kids came back from school we went back out on the boat and had some dinner at Fish n Pig.

Goooooood. 8 days.
-- Patrick

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