Friday, April 9, 2010

Two weeks

If you haven't noticed yet, my count down is really starting to take over my blog.

I'm in Georgia now. I crossed into this state today and that also means I'm back on eastern time. Sort of feels a bit like home already.

Today's run was a nightmare. Traffic was insane and so were the drivers. Ever played chicken with a semi? I'll give you a hint: they win. I had to duck into a driveway, wait for a break in the traffic, and then sprint. The good news is I got some speed work in.

Tomorrow is a day off.

Two weeks.

-- Patrick


  1. Welcome to Georgia!!! I have been following yousince Cali, waiting for you to make it out this way....

  2. Get the Ray Charles version of "Georgia" (on my mind) on your ipod. But you may run a little slower.