Thursday, February 23, 2012


I don't normally post too much about gear (other than socks). But I've had two finds recently that were surprising to me, so I'm going to write about it.

I'll go with the oldest first. And when I say oldest I mean OLDEST.

I received my first pair of running split shorts for my birthday. My 19th birthday. They were fairly standard and made by Asics. I liked them immediately and wore them for almost every run leading up to my first marathon. I ran the race in them...and two other marathons. And a 24 hour race. I wore them for about 90 percent of the trans US run. I didn't even notice them wearing out. I just kept wearing them. I continued to wear them for countless runs between the end of the long run up until last Sunday.

After being shredded by so many miles I've decided to retire them since they now rub my legs somewhat uncomfortably. But thank you Asics for making a short that lasts this long.

On to the NEW discovery. The NTS mid weight hoody by Smartwool. This piece of clothing is the most versatile thing I've ever worn. It's great for a run in the mountains when you have no idea what the weather will be like. I received it a couple months ago but didn't discover what it could do until recently.

If you want to wear it just as a long sleeve it works well for that. Getting warm? Roll up the sleeves and unzip it a little bit. BAM! Wicks sweat away and keeps you comfortable. Getting chilly ears? Hood it! The hood is scuba style, so while it does look like its from the future, it does stay up very well. Hands getting a bit cold? Pull down the sleeves, hook your thumbs into the sleeves and curl your hands. I was blow away by all this stuff even though it looks like a standard base layer. Wild stuff.

In other news, the book seems to be taking off which is a very good thing. People who bought it right away are just finishing it and so now I'm getting the first round of reviews from people. So far, everyone likes it. : ) If you haven't heard yet, I wrote a book, it's called Six Miles Per Hour and it's on Amazon. Check it out and tell everyone you know!

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