Thursday, February 9, 2012

So stoked. When I got back from the run across the US in April of 2010 (man that was a long time ago) I started writing down accounts of my trip. I had this blog, that more people followed than I was aware of; but I also had a personal journal I had written in as well as a ton of memories. I wrote them down mainly for myself. When I'm a dinosaur someday, around my 115th birthday, I wanted to remember everything that happened and everything I went through. But most importantly, I wanted to write it so I could remember all the people that helped me cross the country on foot.

After I finished it, it was very rough but when I got to the end I realized that it was more of a story of good people rather than another "running book." After letting a few people read the super rough edition, I recruited the help of several other people to help me edit it and publish it. Here it is, the done copy, ready to be read.

-- Patrick

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