Thursday, August 20, 2009

Heat Stroke?

Today, the fall semester started. School, for the next four months, will unfortunately consume my life. BUT, I have also stepped up the training. I am now back to my old two-a-day runs and weight training mixed in every other day.

Since I will be running on roads for the cross country run, I run more on roads...but since the three ultras in three weeks (12-hour, 100k, 100 mile respectively) in September will be all on trails, I'm also running trails concentrating on hills. Although, my primary focus for all of this is beating my feet into submission because that is my weakest part.

My feet are always the first thing to start aching, and never let up. Unlike quads, and hamstrings, feet do not hurt more or less on uphills/downhills. Once they start, they continue to give hell for the remainder of the run. So far, I am successfully killing my feet. I have been wearing my Asics DS Trainers more than the Gel 3000's because they have a thinner sole and there is more interaction between my feet and whatever surface I'm running on. These shoes would be a great race shoe, they are light, thin, yet still supportive when they need to be for the mild overpronator...I'll stop there at the risk of sounding like a shoe reviewer.

ANYWAY! I have had a couple questions about whether I have a trainer, or a coach; or if I'm planning on getting a coach. I have never been coached, and probably won't ever be coached. I ask a lot of questions, and read a lot. I like listening to different people's training methods and sometimes I even take some ideas try them for myself. This is the way I have always done my training. I just try what makes sense and if it works, it works. If not...I drop it fast.

Virginia has had some pretty hot weather lately, and the kind of humidity that fills your lungs. Translation: Good running days. Some will not run in really hot humid weather, and if you are sensitive to heat, or are prone to heat stroke, by all means, stay on the treadmill. But I tend to like running in hot weather. It takes a little bit more out of you, and yes, the grossness factor and sheer amount of sweat is enough to make anyone cringe, but to me, it makes sense to run in every condition no matter what. Besides, when it's hot, it feels good to dump cold water on yourself, or have someone wipe iced sponges on your back....but when it's cold, do you dump hot water on yourself? I'm serious, running while soaking wet feels so good. It just does. ---->

Since I moved out of the house I was living in, I have a longer bike ride to class and work everyday. This, I don't see as a bad thing. It gives me about 2 hours of total bike riding everyday just going where I need to go, on top of my normal running and weight training. It takes about 30 min each way to work/class, and I always do it more than once because staying on campus, and saving myself a trip just doesn't make sense.

So, for any one who really only wanted to read one sentence of this post, here it is: I'm running more to beat up my feet, get faster, and stronger besides, Virginia is hot and humid so there is no better time to do it.

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  1. hey fuzzy-love reading your thoughts-i thought there was a way to sponsor or donate to your charity/run but i can't find it now-is there a way you can re post that link?