Monday, August 31, 2009

Things are coming along

The cross country run is really coming along and some great contacts are being made. Everyone I talk to wants to help out in their own way, it's really cool how some people can contribute.

I was talking to Ray Storm, a professional mountain biker, (look him up, the dudes crazy on a bike) and one of his sponsors is an energy bar company named Can Do Kid. It's a really cool company that is run primarily by a mom who wanted to feed her kids something that they liked but wasn't full of sugar, and fake stuff. Their whole thing is getting kids to realize their full potential to do something great for the community. Anyway, when Ray talked to the owner, Deb Luster, about possibly sponsoring me, she was stoked! So now I will be eating Can Do Kid bars to energize myself for the run!

Also, thanks to my girlfriends parents I now have a Spot to help keep people up to date on my whereabouts and a way to get out of possible emergency situations. It has three buttons, one for OK/I'm good, one for 911, and one for family to send help. It's a great little remote that could really save someones life. Once I get it completely figured out, I'll post the website to follow my little blip on the map across the country. Cool stuff. Well, that's just an update for now.

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