Sunday, August 16, 2009

Update on the trip, all because I couldn't sleep

So sometimes I end up working long days. Since I work at my school's gym, I just sit there and swipe people in. During the summer it is dead. I'm talking no one. Not a soul. Normally, this would be the kind of thing to send me over the edge and cause me to start making up games like how many times I can say "Mississippi" in the span of ten seconds, or turning a tread mill on as fast as it can go and setting the incline at the highest, and jumping on hoping I don't fly back.

Since I have a lot to do with the trip, though, this extended forced sitting time is a good thing. Today, I completely finished the route I'm taking, when I'm planning on being where, about how much I'm running daily, and when I will need shoes sent to specific destinations. This is a huge step in the trip because, now I can start to contact people in the counties/cities to let them know I'm coming and hopefully set up a place to stay, and an interview with the local paper or news station...this trip IS so I can tell the most people about juvenile arthritis after all.

The list of cities is REALLY long. SO! If you know anyone in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, or Georgia and would like to offer them my name, my email is Please contact me on that email and I can send a list of cities.

In other news, I wrote an email to Dean Karnazes because I knew he lived in San Francisco, and I know it's not too far from Huntington Beach where I'm leaving from. I asked him if he would be interested in starting the first day with me. I didn't really expect a response but I got one that said he would be out of the country until Aug 5th...but he wrote "P.S. Patrick, I got your message. Please be in touch with me as we get
closer to your departure date. If I am on the safe continent, I would be honored to join you at the start. Best wishes in your training! Dean
" Awesome? I'd have to say yes.

People have a couple different opinions of the guy. Some think he is bringing a lot (too much) publicity to a small very specialized sport, where you can set some kind of record, and all you get is a pat on the back and the same belt buckle that the last place person gets...which I really like about it. Others think he is God. Me? I think he is smart. He took something people didn't know much (or anything) about, and he wrote about it. True, the man is an animal. It doesn't mean he is the only "animal" that has ever lived, or the best runner that ever lived, or the fastest, or the strongest. He's up there, though. You have to at least give the man some credit for being smart.

"Somebody poisoned the water hole!"
Toy Story 3: June 18th, 2010

...I'll have pictures up from Burning River soon...

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