Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day off

Day off. Tomorrow is my one way ticket into Texas....where I will be for the next eternity. Tomorrow is also the last day with my grandpa's support in the RV.

Maggie, the 12 year old girl I've mentioned before, isn't doing well. Think of her and her family.

-- Patrick


  1. Patrick, Good Luck in Texas, It will be tough not to have that next border to look forward to I'll bet. The milestones will be greater and more personal as you continue on. Enjoy them.

    I am grateful that your grandfather stayed on as long as he could. I will send prayers for maggie and for you as you roll on.


  2. Patrick,

    Texas will present it's own set of challenges. You will technically be running downhill as the elevation of the West Texas Pecos is several hundred feet higher than the Big Thicket area of Northeast Texas. Empty cotton fields as far as you can see, BarBQ every 10-20 miles, not much greenery this time of year and climate changes by the hour. "If you don't like the weather in Texas, just wait a minute." When you near Fort Worth I have many many people you can lean on for support. Watch out for roadkill, especially armadillos...