Saturday, February 6, 2010

Out of service and into Roswell

Yesterday I ran downhill with the wind at my back. Because of these handicaps, I thought it only fair that I add on a couple miles to even the playing field of the day. I started in Ruidoso Downs in about 33 degree temps without a cloud in the sky.

Three miles into the run I passed the Early Development Childcare Center. They were waiting for me and I stopped to say hi to the 3-4 year old kids. They were really cute and gave me beef jerky, a donation, and Gatorade.

Throughout the day I passed through 4 little towns and ended the day 37.5 miles later in Riverside, in about 65 degree temps. Out of cell range. No bloggin.

Today started at about 40 degrees and ended somewhere in the high 60s. Take that east coast! You guys are buried in feet of snow and I'm romping around in shorts and a t-shirt!

Today's scenery was slightly less interesting than the past two days. The wierd and mostly annoying thing about today was the road wasn't in the greatest shape. As many of you know, I normally run trails, so I'm not picky when it comes to the conditions of what I'M running on. BUT there are no semi trucks on the trails I run. And the semis today would pick up the little loose rocks from the road and throw them at me at around 60-75 mph. (the speed limit was 70) I got beamed in the forehead 4 times, 3 times in the right knee, once in the left knee, twice in the ribs, and 5 times on my knuckles. Let's just say the semis have got some precision problems when it comes to the strike zone.

Regardless, I rolled into Roswell after about 33 miles and passing 8 people out for weekend jaunts on their bicicletas.

I'd like to take this opportunity to say hey to everyone from Stafford. Shout outs go to, almost, every band to come out of Stafford.

It seems these days I'm under a "Time Crisis" and I'm just trying to "Attain" the "Goals We Set." But all I can do is put myself in a mental "Full Nelson," look at it like it's "Not My Own," enter an "Altered State" and continue the "Suburban Sprawl" "Today and Everything After."

-- Patrick


  1. Watch out for UFOs now.
    Be careful of the flying chat from the trucks. That doesn't sound like fun.
    You are doing great! Cindy

  2. Patrick,

    This is for you from the Hoffman family.


  3. dude, props on the band name drops. that was genius!