Friday, February 19, 2010

Half way and PUDS

So today I crossed the halfway point. Yipee!! This is what I did on the line.

Warning: Some material may not be suitable for children. This is rated R for Really bad dancing.

On a more reasonable note, it was a 33 day and I ended in Throckmorton. Say that one 5 times fast. I got Drockmorn for my last one.

Anyway! Lots of PUDS on the road today. (pointless ups and downs) but the little climbs and falls did make the really really really straight road a little more interesting. The cows today were much more active and decided to join me for a little bit. It was pretty cool, I guess I ran with the bulls. (Cross that one off my bucket list)

Also! I found the spot where the grass really was greener on the other side of the fence. But due to dumb connections, the picture will not post.

In other news, I saw an armadillo! And it was alive...unlike the hog, coyote, owl, and dog I also saw today.

Song to get stoked on:
Ali in the Jungle by The Hours
You may recognize it as the song Nike uses in their commercial with all the streams of people that they play during the Olympics.

Keep it real.

-- Patrick


  1. I would like to borrow your "halfway" dance and plan to do it at mile 10 of my scheduled 20 miler on Sunday!

    Congrats! Keep up the good work, we are cheering for you here in Savannah, GA!

  2. haha!! congrats on the halfway point!!!

  3. Congrats! We are glad you are doing so well. Keep it up! Danelle, Ashley, Dan Thomas