Monday, February 1, 2010

Feb 1

First things first. I'd like to appologize to the Las Cruces metropolitan area for putting your Ihop out of business. I didn't realize "all you can eat pancakes" wasn't actually a physical challenge.

In other news, my grandpa and I saw the sunrise from where I stopped yesterday/ started today. It was quite a sight.

This is what the same mountain that I took a picture of yesterday looked light with the new sun hitting it.

Onto the run. 35 miles. 5 miles down to start, rolling hills and flat for the rest. Not many sights except for the bomb that went off a couple hundred yards from me.

That's right, a bomb. Actually, I was next to a missile range, so I'm assuming it was planned, but I like to tell myself it wasn't planned and I'm lucky to be alive!!

The other unusual thing today was the border patrol. I was strolling along and the border patrol informed me I needed to go through the upcoming inspection station. They just asked if I was a citizen. No interrogation. No big lamps shining in my face asking what I was "really" doing. Rather dull. Sorry I couldn't make the story a little more colorful.

I ended at White Sand National Monument. And what do you know, it's actually white sand.

...that's not the monument by the way.

-- Patrick


  1. "Papers please sir! What are your intentions?"....

  2. Don't suppose you went UP the next mountain on Hwy 70 to Ruidoso. Hope you enjoyed the Sands, most Transformers fans do anyway. Wishing you luck from the White Mountain (Sierra Blanca). Will be following along from time to time...

  3. Well, when you get to Ruidoso and stop in with the B. family, have them call me. I would love to shake your hand! God speed!

  4. Pat, Great pictures. Thats why we live in the southwest. All you can eat means just that. Great story to tell the guys at Ihop here in town I go every saturday. The bomb should of given you that extra boost to run faster. Have fun eating and running. Glad to here you are doing OK. take care.

  5. Fuzzy,
    This is amazing what you are doing!!!! Keep up the good work!!! I love the BLOG.
    Erin Pomeroy

  6. You are a good runner, you inspire and the blog is interesting. As a foreginer and a coast to coast runner I wonder:
    What´s the differene between interstate and freeway? In some states pedestrians are allowed to be on interstate but not on freeway?
    Good luck!
    Björn, Sweden

  7. Thank you, a freeway and highway are the same thing. An interstate is a road that goes across states. State highways are ok to run on but interstates are generally not ok, but in the areas where there is no other way, sometimes it is allowed.

  8. Good answer, awesome photos. My ex-mother in law ate at that Ihop all the time they're used to that sort of thing!