Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Short day and good people

It seems that these days I am fortunate to meet so many people. This is good for several reasons. One, it let's me follow up on one of the goals of the trip: to tell as many people as possible that kids get arthritis. And the second reason is that I am able to see people. I'm able to view the people that ordinarily, I would never have been in a position or have been fortunate enough to meet.

If I had decided to drive across the country I would never met half the people simply because I would not have been in the same situation. Running has allowed me to get a better idea of what the people of this country really are like. So far I have met a decent sized section of the country and the people have been different. I've met a mom who happens to be a parol officer who has a daughter with arthritis in Redlands, CA and I've met a Dad who has worked for Mobil in the oil fields for 25 years in Jayton, TX. Both were incredibly different in every way possible. Each were some of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. And I would have met neither had I not started this run.

I'm learning things out here. And it is good.

Allow me to introduce you to my rig:

23 today and my body is holding up well.

-- Patrick


  1. Great job out there! I am envious of your GU collection!

  2. You are meeting the people who live in flyover country. And they are real people with real problems and real solutions.

    And I am not envious of your GU collection. I am a Hammer Gel gal. And I gobble up Sharkies. They give me something to do while I run. They always get stuck in my teeth.

  3. Patrick, great perspective, you would never meet these people, ever! This is such a great thing, it seems like your enjoying every day. I hope that's the case.
    The rig is loaded up. How many tire changes? I don't think you mentioned one yet...

    Keep spendin' the word.