Friday, February 12, 2010

Utter craziness

Alright so today was an awesome day. It was clear, ie no snow; it was warm, ie higher than 38.5; AND I found out one of life's great mysteries.

I was cruising along, energy levels feeling good, thanks to GU. And I saw bison! Real, live, in the fur, curved little horned, BISON. It was awesome. The bad news, they were too far away to get a picture. When I ran past a bunch of horses first they all looked at me, like they do, and then they started running next to me! It was pretty sweet. As soon as I pulled out my camera to take a picture though, they bolted. I guess I'm not the horse whisperer I thought I was.

Next I saw Prarie Dogs! The little things were zipping around and screaming at me. But alas, too small to get a picture.

Unfortunately, this was the third cool thing I saw today that I couldn't document.

I got into town disappointed because while I saw flat empty land for most of the day, I saw some things worth taking pictures of, and I couldn't. Then as I was taking off my shoes and socks, there it was.

The most intruigingly cool, and mysteriously disgusting thing to grace my eyes in quite some time. (...and I look in the mirror at LEAST once a week so that's really saying something.)

Sitting up. In perfect form. Right there on the floor were my socks. Standing upright. On their own. I only thought one thing. "Get the camera before the things walk out the door on their own."

Luckily I was swift with the camera work and was able to document the memorial to sheer dirtiness.

Thank you Smartwool for designing something so awesome that it will stand on their own before they start to smell.

-- Patrick


  1. Don't you just love Smartwool socks? I love mine. And I have a pair just like in your picture.

    Pretty cool about all of the animals. This Zoology major would love it. I would love to have seen the prairie dogs. What about the sky? Are you seeing lots of hawks? Eagles? Vultures? Bluebirds, now that you are on the prairie?

  2. Lots of hawks but not much other than that. I'll keep you up to date on wildlife.

  3. I used to have prairie dogs outside my house in Colorado, they just remind me of "wack-a-mole"

    Where did you sleep? How did you sleep? I'll bet the bison were cool.

  4. Sarah has been following your progress faithfully. She worried that you were getting snow in much for a southern route! Keep up the great work. The St Francis cheerleaders are cheering you on! Hope you can hear them :-)
    This comes with a wish that the bison will be a bit closer next time for its close-up photo...but not too close! And a rpayer that you continue in good health and spirits.
    Linda Hess