Wednesday, February 24, 2010


First off, I believe everyone needs to watch out. My little sister Bridget has gotten her driving permit. So if you see a blonde girl around the Stafford area driving with her hair on fire just pull over and let the hurricane that is Bridget run her course. You will be ok if you remain in your car.

Just kidding. Congrats Bridget!!

Today started out with breakfast with Michael Smith, 50 States Club marathon runner and Ironman, and Chris Phelan. Chris was, at one time, the 8th fastest marathoner in the US. Now he writes for the Phast Times, a magazine around the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Chris, Michael, Mike

I started running this morning with Mike Gaytes, Ironman triathlete and ultrarunner. It was great to run with someone and he was very interesting to talk to with his experience as a crew person for a Badwater racer. We passed an interesting looking bar with a great sign outside.

What do ya think ladies?

After 14 miles, Mike and I parted ways and I made my way through Denton and their shoulder-less roads. After seeing a few too many single middle digits exposed and aimed at me, I decided to run with traffic for the next quarter mile. Was it safer? No. But at least I didn't have to see people flipping me off anymore.

For the last 5 miles, I was joined by Vicky, Vicki, and Angie; all Dallas Running Club members. It was great to run with so many interesting people today. Good conversation really makes the miles cruise on by. And I had no shortage of good conversation today. Thank you everyone!

Angie, myself, Vicky, Vicki

-- Patrick


  1. Is that a package shop atttached to the bar? interesting idea...

  2. Looks like you had a good day. Nice bar?????????

  3. It was great to meet up and run with you Patrick. You'll go far in life. No pun intended. Good luck at western states.

  4. Patrick, great day before a well deserved rest, Enjoy!