Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Increasigly good mood

Things are going well. So well in fact, they can only go down. Yes, it's a bit of a pessimistic thought but I'm serious. I haven't gotten lost. Nothing hurts. I get to the end of a 30+ day and I feel like I just started. I'm not even sore in the morning. Everyone I meet is really nice. The scenery is getting increasinly green. AND it hasn't rained in awhile. All of this is of course followed up by a brisk knock on wood but that is that.

Today I stopped into the town of Rule. It ruled. Pun intended? It has a little under 700 people and I stopped by the school and spoke with the seniors. It was a lot different than when I visited the middle school but still, it ruled. Everyone was really cool, and they ruled too. When I left Rule, it didn't rule. Okay, I'll stop now.

Before that, I ran into some really friendly donkeys, a horse and a llama.

-- Patrick