Saturday, February 13, 2010


Today was slightly uneventful. It was a good day, I felt strong and relaxed. It was a short day, 25 miles. I usually prefer to get around 30-35. Hitting 30 makes me feel more like I got somewhere in the day.

I pulled into Post, Texas after taking a glamour shots of my stroller for some empty-land entertainment.

I saw this sign welcoming me to Post, except it was welcoming ME by name so that was pretty cool!

I guess cool things happen when you stay with the Mayor!

-- Patrick


  1. Happy Valentine's Day.
    Marian flew home for the weekend to get some minor surgery done on her arm. It is so nice to see her. I am sure your folks really miss you. Cindy

  2. not just your folks miss you! im forwarding love from mike mitch bobby justin jeff/geoff new tyler old tyler bryce alex g elizabeth carly lauren ashley maggie joanna and don just to name a few!
    peace and love!