Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What day is it?

Today was just another day. Nothing crazy, nothing awesome, nothing terrible. Although I think yesterday, posibly last week there was a truck carrying nails that crashed and slid the entire length of my run today. Tons of nails on the road.

The slant of the road was pretty steep today and my ankles did not appreciate it.

It was chilly and overcast and was snowing at the start. But soon the snow and intense wind let up.

I wish something insane happend like a lion escaping from the zoo and followed me but it didn't. Or Jif or Skippy peanut butter and Smuckers jelly gave me all I could eat pb&j for the rest of my life. Or if someone offered to do a freak experiment on me where they turned me into inspector gadget. That'd be cool. But alas, the only person to keep me company today was my man, Axel Rose.
Thanks Guns and Roses.

-- Patrick


  1. Patrick,

    Enjoy your tromp through Narnia.

    Jay Hoffman

  2. Patrick,

    Axel is a good running partner, just don't follow him to the post race festivities. Road slant sucks! How do you combat that? Can you move toward the middle? Too much traffic?

  3. I will send you some of my homemade strawberry jam at the end. Made with the sweetest Hood strawberries from Oregon. There isn't a sweeter strawberry out there. Or do you like raspberry jam better? I make both, and they are mighty fine.