Monday, February 15, 2010

Long and short

Yesterday was supposed to be a 25 mile day and today was supposed to be a 27 mile day. Well, I was able to have a building to sleep in last night if I went an extra 11. So I did. Yesterday turned into a 38 day, which made today a 14 day.

Yesterday was tough. Not so much the distance but the freezing cold wind. Straight into my face. After talking to people today I found out the wind was 30 mph with over 50 mph gusts. Fun.

Today was sunny and warmer. The wind was slightly less but still there. Because of yesterday's extra miles, today was shortend but I went into Sassy's Restaurant, and had an AWESOME meatball sub and sweet tea and then, was picked up by a family for the night!

The mom thought I was her son because, apparently I look like him. When she heard what I was doing she said it was exactly the kind of thing her son would do. So, she took me in.

-- Patrick