Saturday, February 27, 2010

Strange effects

I couldn't take being sedentary for one more day, so today I went to the gym with my uncle. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary for one of my standard workouts. The difference was the difficulty I had with it.

I hadn't done the workout in two months but I didn't think it would be the way it was because at the conclusion of most days run I do a pile of push-ups, sit-ups and other various standard exercises just to keep the blood flowing. Now, I know push ups aren't exactly going to give you a Hercules looking chest or arms the size of cannons; but I hadn't noticed a size change in my arms and my weight hasn't changed too much. I'll just go ahead and say it. MAN I got weak! I'm not giving the world an open shot to beat me to a pulp, but it is something that I believe is a result of lack of weight training.

So, what does this mean? It means that for all you runners out there trying to get in awesome shape and really strong, simply running and even pushing a 70 lb baby jogger during the process, just doesn't cut it.

I'm not sweating it now because I knew when I started this there would be a good chance some sort of physical transformation would take place. But so far I hadn't noticed anything different until today.

Other than that, I've spent my days relaxing with family or playing with their dog Riley who looks much like my dog, Roxie, except not morbidly obese and doesn't resemble a lumpy furry sausage. But my dog's a cute lumpy sausage fat dog. And we love her and her addiction to cheese and green beans.



-- Patrick

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  1. Okay, I just went and worked with my weights that are usually just sitting on the floor collecting dust. I will be cussing you out tomorrow when by triceps are hurting.