Monday, January 18, 2010


Last night I stayed with a very nice family near Phoenix. Their daughter has arthritis so it was good to talk to her. We had a Mexican dish with a fried egg on top. Which, when you say it sounds strange, but believe me, it was good.

Today was great! It was supposed to pour rain, but it didn't. The temps were in the low 60s and I got to run on trails!

I started out on roads with no pain, feeling good. Then I was supposed to get on this road we couldn't find. So my Gpa and I scoped the map a little closer and found where it should be. As we started down it, we noticed a dead end sign BUT I could see where I was supposed to be about a mile straight ahead. Bushwhackin time. (see video below) Turns out I was right and met up with Gpa on the otherside. Perfect!

From there I got on 60 and stayed there until the end of my day. 25 miles in the bank and feelin goooood.

From here, I stay on 60 for a really long time.

-- Patrick

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  1. Patrick. It sounds like your getting stronger and more comfortable as the days pass. I have to say there is a good feeling I get when I read your stories. I look forward to them every night. I had to get caught up. keep it up, We are grateful every day!
    Dennis Sullivan