Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Running buddy and today

Yesterday I had a running buddy named Eva. She had a conference in San Diego and decided she wanted a taste of the cross country run even though it was an 8 hour drive!

We met up at my ending place from the day before at 8:15 and took off down the road.

We were both lucky enough to have great weather and nice scenery for the 30 mile day. Turns out, not only can she run ultramarathons but she's also a neuroscientist! She has a lab and tests rats with probes in their brains! She's working on a new experiment where she is trying to prove some very innovative thoughts. So if you happen to be thumbing through your favorite neroscience journal and glance at an article featuring Eva Pastalkova, just know she's a crazy runner as well and I have run with her.

Today was tough. Mentally, and physically. I did however cross into New Mexico. Other than that it was a boring day with no scenery and uphill road from mile 10-30.


  1. Uphill from mile 10-30? No wonder it was tough. Hang in there.

  2. Love the uphill climb. It's always rewarding.
    Eva is a wonderful gift. how great that she would make the trek out to your location and then 30 miles to boot. You left out the part about how she got back to her vehicle, 30 miles back?
    Two states down is fantastic; what an acomplishment! Enjoy the beauty of New Mexico, watch out for spicy local food. Roll on , Patrick!

  3. My grandpa, who is still with me in his rv and will be with me until Texas, gave her a ride back to her car.