Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Yesterday was a 26 mile day and I passed through Bouse, AZ. That was to be my ending point but I ate a few pb&j's and decided to keep going. Besides, it was only 1 pm. I went another 10 and called it a day. The high was 62 and the low was 39 when I started. Chilly willy.

Last night we spent the night in an RV camp and I though I saw UFO. I don't know what it was but it was freaking me out watching the lights... All I know, is that it definitely wasn't a plane or satellite.

Today was a 30 mile day. When I started it was 51 degrees and the high was 72. I passed through a town called Hope. It was an intersection. The sign on the way out said, "Your beyond Hope." ....I didn't see a school at the intersection so I won't hold their English accountable.

The rest of the day looked like Frontier Land at Disney Land. Interesting but no Thunder Mountain.

Lookin rough in the middle of nowhere.

-- Patrick



  1. A UFO, huh? And you aren't even in New Mexico yet.

    You are doing a fantastic job on your running. Cindy

  2. I heard about you via a message board the other day, and i just wanted to say that what you are doing is not only insane, but very admirable as well. seriously, keep it up. you are inspiration for me to continue with my training for a marathon

  3. Pat, great day, just add 10. I love it, that's the spirit that will get you through! Your not beyond Hope, you ARE the reason for Hope! You are approaching UFO country soon, your going to see lot's of strange things in the sky. Careful with that Forest beard. Thank you!

  4. Patrick, we're still watching and cheering for you. Glad it has been going well so far. Keep up the fluid levels and maybe you won't see as many little green fellas! :-) Art & Elizabeth (VCU Gym)