Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 13

Day 13 is dedicated to my darling sister, Bridget, because math isn't fun. A joke by Matt Grundy:

Q: If the military goes to boot camp, where do spies go?
A: sneaker camp

Onto business. Today started at 52 and rose to the high 70's. It was a pretty good 34 mile day and the last 14 were on a gravel an dirt road that had me choking for dust-free air after each of the 4 cars passed me. The mini twisters were kinda cool though.

I feel good and today I also decided to work in some speed work because I was a little afraid with all the slower running I've been doing, I would forget how to run fast. So, I did some mile repeats as well some pick up songs just for good measure.

I'm staying pretty close to I-10 these days.

Clearly they missed the memo that this is a desert. No water here.

-- Patrick



  1. Patrick, you absolutely astound me. You are getting bored so you add mile repeats into a 35 mile day. Absolutely incredible.

    Your dedication is so very touching. My daughter has had the disease for over 10 years, and three years ago she was on life support for nine days fighting for her life because of JRA. I can't tell you how much I hate this disease. So to deal with the disease I run. I run a lot. (for a mother of three and being in middle age) And I know how hard it would be to run 35 miles. And then to do it the next day and the next day and the next day.

    Don't kid yourself. What you are doing is very moving to us parents. Thank you for what you are doing. Cindy (Marian, 21 next Tuesday, systemic jra)

  2. Patrick, Sounds like another great day. 35 miles is huge, speed work was always my favorite. I imagine that you seeing rolling hills and mostly flat roads. the dirt has to be a welcome contrast to pavement or blacktop.

    Keep it up, We are running along side you(just quietly and less sweaty). Here's to the downhill side!

    Dennis Sullivan(Shea Sullivan, 18, RA)

  3. yo homes:) wats crackn g? i greatly appreciate the wonderful joke! wat a knee-slapper! LOOOOOOOOVE IT!=)
    -the (favorite darling sister)