Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 7 & 8

Yesterday I started in the desert and ended in the desert. And the only difference between yesterday and today was today was good mentally. Yesterday I did a lot of walking and I kept thinking about the whole distance and how much I missed familiarity. Mentally, I was a wreck. Physically, I wasn't much better. My Achilles was tight. Tight when I walked and tight when I ran, so I figured, "why not run so I can finish this death march quicker?" My grandfather did join up with me yesterday though and we spent the night in the RV...still in the middle of nowhere.

Sunsets are good in the desert though.

Enough with the doom and gloom. Let's skip to today.

Today was good. The Achilles was still tight, at least through mile 22. Then it decided that there was no point in bugging me because I wasn't going to stop, so it starting behaving. It just felt fine.

And then I had the run in at mile 15 with Highway Patrol. "Are you okay?" I gave a thumbs up. "Just making sure your girlfriend didn't throw you out of the car." I laughed and they left.

They later stopped at the RV making sure Gpa was ok and he told them about the run.(they left before I had a chance to)

I finished my run and we decided we would stay in an RV park at Big River, where I'll end tomorrow and I saw this group of runners in blue shirts. We stopped to see who they were and it was a guy running 30 miles a day from San Diego to Phoenix, AZ! I was stoked and we started talking and they knew me as "stroller guy" but I assured them this "stroller guy" was getting help through the desert.

He is running for Cures Rock!
They were all great ( he had a whole entourage) BUT the fun doesn't end there!

If you'll recall, there were 2 girls at the start who "ran a lot longer than I thought," well they and their mom drove an hour to visit me! It was a great surprise and they were really sweet.

Summer and Autumn started their own run of a mile everyday for every day I run! They deserve some love!!

Tomorrow I enter Arizona and some sort of civilization. Good news.

Location:Middle of nowhere

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