Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 4

Today hurt. It was a windd day. Double the "d" for a double dose of wind. I started at 5:55 am so I could be done early because we had a tv filming an hour away at 1 so I had to be done. The roads were straight, I ran into the wind. I started to feel good and I was rolling along. Faster than the other days by far.

The final obstacle for the day was the highway. Looking at the map it looked like I would need to take the I-10 highway for about 11 miles. Luckily I found a trail going right next to the highway and the railroad tracks. So I took that. I was rolling along and saw wind generators and mountains, AND a casino. It was tempting, but decided to keep moving.

-- Patrick

Location:Adams Ave,Murrieta,United States


  1. Hahahaha nice glasses!

    You should totally stop and gamble next time. How was the interview/tv filming?

  2. Lara totally stole my comment, those glasses are classic ;)

  3. Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for letting me and my sissy run with you on the first day. We had a lot of fun. We have decided to run/walk a mile a day for every day you are gone. My legs are already sore. Have fun!