Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 5

Today was supposed to be a 30 mile day. Because of my time constraint yesterday I didn't get to finish the last 5 or so miles from yesterday. So today would be 35 miles. I was dreading several parts of today.

First would be the highway section. 4.5 miles on I-10. Second would be the climb up to Morongo Valley. And the last part would be a huge climb up to Joshua Tree.

Last night I felt terrible. Mentally, physically, everything. So needless to say I wasn't looking forward to today.

First things first. Clean up my mess from yesterday, the last 5 miles to the highway. I felt okay. Not great, but I started out running which is always good.

When I reached the highway I decided to book it so I could potentially avoid any trouble from the law enforcers in the area. I did the 4.5 miles in about 29 min. I felt great! I must have repeated "relax and roll" 600 times in that 4.5 miles. Next I got on highway 62 which would take me straight into the desert and Arizona for that matter.

I still felt smooth in the 68 degree weather. And I traded running on the street for running on the thin curb so I could better occupy my mind and reflexes.

When I got to the big climb I put on Doomriders. This epic CD would remain my soundtrack for the day. Their songs even got me stoked enough to run up some of the climb.

Upon reaching the top I started running again and noticed there was a sign that said the fine for littering was 5 grand!!! That didn't stop anyone. Including the guy that decided to ditch the washing machine door on the side of the road. Or the million on bottles of Tecate. Random.

The road became straight again and I was in the valley.

The elevation says 2566.

I put it in cruise control and was rollin, and feelin good.

After an hour or so I hit the second big climb and walked it. It was long. A good 2 miles maybe longer but straight up. No switchbacks, just straight. These road builders were so smart. I'll bet they thought, "let's build this road the most direct route." And they did.

Anyway, the rest of the way was just straight. Nothing exciting at all but this is a picture of the Joshua Tree sign.

The elevation on this on says 2700 or something. Tonight, I'm with the Becks. They are very nice and have four cute little blonde kids.

Tomorrow is a 30 day...I'm wondering if today was a fluke and reality will hit me in the face tomorrow, but I guess there's only one way to find out.

Here's a video of the first climb.

-- Patrick


  1. 35 miles, man. You rock!! Cindy (Mom to Marian, 20, systemic JRA)

  2. Dear Patrick, you are such an inspiration, I'm so enjoying following your travels -- I pray you are safe and that kindness and mercy follow you. I am a coworker of your Dad's at the MCNOSC -- he's so proud of you -- in a very quiet way though. My very best to you Patrick - I know you will exceed your goal in raising money and bringing awareness for the Arthritis Foundation and children with arthritis. God bless you Patrick!!!

  3. Patrick, great job today, the elevation change must have been tough. be careful on hwy 62, lots of speeders, people trying to get to the river( Colorado) and Lake Havasu. good job, hyrate! and U2 is the only appropriate music for the joshua tree area, although you could try, Robert plant's "29 Palms".

  4. Hi Patrick,
    WOW, 4.5 miles in 29 minutes. That's great! I love seeing your videos and reading your posts. Hang in there. 137 miles down and a few more to go.

  5. I love your shades. Love the video blogs. Keep it up Fuzzy!