Friday, January 22, 2010


That's right kids, it snowed in Globe, Arizona. According to the locals it hasn't snowed here in 2 years. And the road that I'm supposed to take north to Show Low is closed...until further notice. Sweet.

Ever seen snow in the desert? Yep, me either.

Being that we had lots of time today, my grandpa and I dragged out the maps and started poking around trying to find another way.

The good news, we did. I'm now going south toward Safford. The bad news? Well, we don't know that one yet. More good news, I can start running again tomorrow. I don't know how far because the weather is still supposed to be a little on the sketchy side, BUT at least I won't be sitting around for some undecided amount of time.

That's all I have today. No running and I have waaaaaaaay too much energy to sit around for another day.

-- Patrick


  1. Hmmm, snow in the desert. That is a new one.
    I have a theory that all runners tend to be type A personalities. What do you think?

  2. Hahahaha type A! Good one. Ok... maybe.

  3. Remember, I run, too. Albeit slow, but I run.