Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rain, cold, and cops

Today, I'd like to say hey to Ms. Young's kindergarten class at the Hilltop School in Wyoming, Ohio. They heard about the run and are doing fundraisers to help the way they know how. So thank you kindergarten!

Rain rain and more rain. That was the general idea behind today. It was a high of about 45 degrees so was also very cold for rain. I ran into the wind for the 30 miles I covered today. Needless to say, today was miserable. I did, however, pass the continental divide at 4,585 ft. So that was pretty cool.

For the most part, I stayed on frontage roads but I did need to run on I-10 when the road ended. I knew there was a possibility of trouble so I ran fast. Real fast. I had to cover 6 miles on the freeway and wanted to get it overwith. I figured now would be a good time to work in some quicker speed work. But I guess my fear of someone kicking me off the highway and therefore skipping 6 miles of the whole country run had me running faster anyway.

A couple of the miles were in the 6:30 range and the rest were in the 7 ish range. Unfortunately, it wasn't quick enough. The cops pulled up behind me and I immediately started talking and telling them what I was doing and how I was supposed to go through Show Low but had to reroute. They were cool, and had no problem with me running where I was and just stopped to make sure I was ok. Good deal. Good day.

-- Patrick


  1. Patrick, your day looks like an Oregon day. Cold and rainy. I hope it gets warmer for you quickly.
    And you are really starting to look like Forest, but I don't think 4 months is long enough to grow really long hair.

  2. Patrick, as far as the beard goes, college runners have a little private joke called "stashies for nashies". Where they grow facial hair, and don't shave until they are eliminated from a potential National qualifier, I believe in honor of Steve Prefontaine. Since you're running across the "nation" I guess that means you won't be shaving until you get to the other side! Right?

    Cool cops are the best. May your hills be rolling, may your rain be misting, may your feet be warm and toasty, may your snow be fluffy, white and off in the distance!

    Don't get into a game of chance in Las Cruces and keep rolling.

    Dennis Sullivan

  3. Thanks for the mention of Hilltop School, Patrick! My daughter is in Ms.Young's class and is loving tracking your progress. Keep on running!