Sunday, January 31, 2010

Down long. Up long.

I started today's run like any other. Except today I was going down. I went down for a very long time, about 10 miles actually, right into the city of Las Cruces. It kind of reminds me of my home town, Stafford, except it is more spread out, has WAY more Mexican restaurants, and has an awesome view of mountains... Actually, it's nothing like Stafford.

I made my way through the town and found Route 70, like I was supposed to, the wierd thing is that it turned into a highway. I thought I was done with dodging cars and trucks flying onto entrance and exit ramps.

As I made my way further away from the city the traffic thinned. Then I saw it. The stripe of black that was going straight up the mountain just happened to be the road that I needed to take. Bonus!!!

I had about 9 miles left in the 30 mile day when I got to the base of the straight up road that would deliver me to the top. I had planned on walking it because, well, it's a huge mountain.

About that time, a sweet song came on the old headphones and got me just stoked enough to keep running. So I put it on repeat and listened to it a total of 13 time while I ran the whole way to the top. I was glad I did too because nothing; I say, NOTHING makes you feel more like a man than cruising steadily up a mountain while you listen to semi-trucks struggle up the same slice of road.

This is the backside of the mountain in the first picture. And the pass I went through was at 5,719 ft. called St. Augustine pass.

-- Patrick

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