Saturday, January 30, 2010

End of the interstate those cooler than I

One of the highlights of today was ending my time on I-10. Since I changed the route, there were several instances where I had no choice but to get on I-10 and roll on there for awhile. Well, today was the end of it. It turned out to be a 35 day with the last 11 on the interstate.

Earlier in the day I had the pleasure of meeting two bikers who are biking AROUND the country. They started in British Columbia and are going to be on the road for a total of about a year and a half. Russ and Laura's website is check it out!

They are really chill and are heading to a town near you! So hook them up with a place to stay, perhaps a meal and Russ is a legit photographer from what I've seen, so if you need a family portrait, he's your man.

ALSO, Russ showed me a bunch of cool apps for video editing and photo editing. So, not that I'll be turning pro photographer any time soon, but look forward to improved photos on the blog....maybe.

Tomorrow I move through Las Cruces. Big milestone or something...? I don't really know, but I've been looking at it on the map for quite awhile so I'm stoked on getting through it.

-- Patrick

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  1. Las Cruces was the home of the man who discovered Pluto, Cyde Tombaugh. he taught astronomy at NM State.

    Your map is all brown until you hit the green stripe that is, Las Cruces.

    How is it that you just happened upon bikers that are pedaling around the country? What an amazing adventure for all of you!

    35 miles is a great day! Roll on RoadStar!