Saturday, January 16, 2010

14th day of running

Today I ran for the people in Haiti. I hope the Arthritis Foundation understands, but the fact that they keep finding more and more bodies is horrible. I'm sure everyone has heard about it, but I thought I'd just take a minute to draw a bit more attention to the people and their families.

Today's run went well. The hip healed overnight and was just fine today. Good news. I did 31 miles today and ended in downtown Phoenix, AZ.

One thing more and more people ask me is how my feet are holding up. I have to say they are holding up fantastically. I expected to lose most if not all of my toenails on this run. It's just a fact of running life. But I have not lost a single one and haven't had a single blister either! I can really only blame that on the Smartwool socks I use. I rotate three pairs and they are working great. And yes, they are a sponsor of the run.

I also need to thank GU as a sponsor because their gels and Chomps are keeping me going on these long days.

I went back to the Phoenix marathon expo today to check out anything I missed yesterday and I went by this booth with a guy talking about Youth Juice. It is really a cool thing because it was all just natural berries and seaweeds and it is a natural inflammatory and antioxydant. We got talking about the run and they said to tell the kids with arthritis about it because of all it helps with. They gave me a bottle to try and I figured since it's just natural berry juice, why not? So check that out if you have a chance. I'll let you know if it helps me.

I then went by the Power Balance booth and got talking to the guy about a bracelet that helps with balance when running and flexibility. He liked the idea of the run and gave me one to try out, so I'll let you know how that works out.

There really isn't much to say about today's wasn't really special in anyway except that I made it to Phoenix, which is kinda cool.

I hope something cooler happens tomorrow during the run....

-- Patrick


  1. Yeahhhhh for Smartwool socks. I love them. I started wearing them a year ago for my running socks.

    Patrick, you rock with all of your running and your huge heart. Cindy

  2. I'm going to buy all your products!