Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 9

Today was the last 30 miles of California! The run went well and I did it faster than the other days. Two of the entourage from yesterday were heading back to San Diego and they stopped to talk to me and they gave me Gatorade. I wish I was a day ahead so I could run with them. They were all so nice.

Anyway my tan is getting awesome. Check it out ladies!!!

Tomorrow is an off day, my first off day, so I might not post...but I probably will.

Today's temp high 72 low 43...ish.

-- Patrick


  1. Hey Patrick, it was a pleasure meeting you yesterday! My friend Melissa and I stopped in as you were just taking off. We stopped and talked to your Grandpa for a bit before heading back to San Diego. Wishing you the best of luck and you are doing an amazing thing and keep focused! You know running is a mental sport. Keep your head up and your shoes laced! I'll be back with the Cures Rock! Tour this coming weekend as we prepare for their last day at the Rock N Roll Arizona 50k race and to mark the last day of the Cures Rock Tour. We'll be looking for you along the road and will send some encouraging honks your way.

  2. Keep pushing on buddy! Shave those legs and you'll be more aerodynamic like me :o)


  3. Woohooo!!!!!! Out of California. Way to go!! Yes, running is a mental game. You can do it. Cindy
    p.s. Nice tan. My girls just went back to college so I will have to tell them about your tan. They would enjoy it.

  4. Patrick, nice tan! congrats on making out of California. Milestones everyday! think twice before you decide to shave your legs... I've been talking up your journey and your cause. trying to get as many as I can aware and inspired as you have made us. Thanks for the temp reading. Relax on your day of rest! thank you!
    Dennis Sullivan