Friday, January 29, 2010

For Maggie from Iowa

Today I ran for Maggie. She's from Iowa and probably the toughest person I've ever heard of. Hang in there Maggie! Stay tough!!

The run started out cold and overcast and ended chilly and very clear. It turned out to be a great day and a fantastic view. First, I ran 20 miles to Deming, and then met up with Matt from the Deming Headlight and did a newspaper interview. He was very nice and quite interested.

Deming was nice. Very quaint. But they had a great mountain, Mt. Florida.

That's best picture I could get.

-- Patrick


  1. More press, That's good. 20 miles is like as easy day for you. 20 miles was about the longest I would run back when I was training for marathons
    (back in the day. Great pix. keep it up!

  2. Great picture. And Maggie is a very special little girl. Her mom, Diane, is very brave, too.

  3. Your the MAN keep up the great work. The kids at school enjoy the updates.