Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Today is my grandpa's birthday and he is out here with me supporting in the rv. Happy birthday!

On a side note, I had convinced him when he joined me, that since I wasn't shaving, he shouldn't either. It was looking pretty gruff and about 100% man but he decided he couldn't take it anymore. So we should all hold a moment of silence for his beard since it died today in the sink of an RV park.

Ok! Onto the day's activities! Today, I climbed. Pretty much from the start until about mile 18 then went down for a mile or two then went right back up. Then went down into the town of Miami and straight on through to the town of Globe. I topped out at 4600' and ended the day around 3400' I think. The 3400 could be wrong but I came down a bit there at the end.

It was a tough day but after the 33 miles I feel great. It was so pretty going through the canyons and over some mountains, the miles, hours and towns just zipped on by. I was so distracted by the scenery that at one point I realized I was running up a really steep part of a climb and about two and a half hours had passed.

Then there was the tunnel! I came to this tunnel that my grandpa wanted to drive me through! I said no thank you. I need to run through it. Otherwise, at the end, I would have run the entire country except for about a half mile tunnel. So I ran as fast as I could and my grandpa drove behind me with his hazard lights on. The thing I didn't take into account is that I was sprinting half a mile up hill. My lungs felt that one afterward!

All in all, good day!

-- Patrick


  1. Hi Patrick-
    I too, look forward to your blog posts every day! You have such great style in your writing, running and living - it never stops being entertaining and inspirational. We're getting hit pretty hard with rain in So. Cal and I certainly am hoping it doesn't flash flood your way! But from the pics of your Grandpa, looks like the skies are still beautiful... We're sending waves of gratitude and best hopes your way....
    Colleen and Caitlin -11, systemic JIA

  2. Way to go Patrick! You are kickin' butt. You have a bunch of folks in Alabama pulling for you everyday. We may just let you leave your fancy runner shoes on when you pass through our state, even though people may stare. Thanks for letting Grandpa shave. Happy Birthday Grandpa.
    Keep running strong Patrick!
    Uncle Rich

  3. Happy birthday to your grandpa!!! I hope you realize that you have a pretty special grandpa to follow you on your endeavor for 4 months. Enjoy your special four months with him. You will remember it the rest of your life.

    You were incredible in your run today. I ran long today (which is 10 miles for me), but I was praying for your safety during my run. I hope you can scoot over those mountains before the snow hits. Cindy (Marian, 21, systemic)

  4. Great photos! The tunnel run sounds fun, nice way to add a little speedwork into your day!

  5. Hi Patrick! I am from San Diego and met you with my Ultra Tour group earlier this month. I'm half of the Gatorade couple. I keep thinking of you, and now that So Cal is being slammed with our storms, I'm worried about you just a little. I hope you have a good coat, you'll probably need it soon! (Such a mom, huh?) I'm excited to hear that your grandpa is going to stick with you for 4 months now! That's how you crew, isn't that right Grandpa! I'll keep tabs on you. You are awesome!!

  6. Patrick, I saw your mom today and she gave me the address to your blog. Keep up the good work and let us know what your experiences are like. Not too many people ever get to do what you are doing. We are proud! Dr. Bob