Saturday, March 27, 2010

Baby goats and catfish fry

Today was another off day spent with the Forsters. They really have a lot going on in this town. We went out to see some baby goats in the morning and they were really cute. We had to chase them down in order to hold them so I assumed the position of chief chaser. I even caught one hunt on video.

We then went out to their cabin where we spent a lot of the day relaxing on the pond in canoes and on the dock.

Clearly, it was a very high stress day and I'll be glad to escape the rat race of the country.

Everyone I have talked to has mentioned these mounds that the Choctaw indians made. But then they follow it up quickly with, "oh, but it just looks like a hill, you don't want to see that."

Well, I had the opportunity to see it, so I took it. They were right. It was a hill. But if I hadn't seen it, I would've always wondered.

When we returned to the cabin we started a fire and more Forsters came and we had catfish, hushpuppies, fries, and Cole slaw. Southern cookin at it's best. I enjoyed everyones company.

Another great day in Louisville, but tomorrow is back to running.

-- Patrick

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  1. Catfish and hushpuppies! Ain't nuthin wrong with that...